I want you to wake up everyday with joy and excitement


Let's continue on with the topic of desired feelings.

You've done the work, sat still, dug deep and discovered those essential feeling words that light you up, make you giddy and down right excited for the future. You're starting to figure out exactly how you what to feel each day, what's most important to you and what you want more of.

Now what?

I want you to wake up everyday with joy and excitement. With a little bounce in your step and a I've got this attitude.

Refuse to settle for ok, mediocrity or just good enough. You have a choice each and every day to make the most out of this life you were given.

How do we start moving towards these feelings?

Trust yourself. You have the answers inside you all ready, you just have to listen.

So let me ask you this. What's one small thing you can start adding into your daily routine to bring you a little closer to those desired feelings?

What can you eliminate from your life that pushes you further away?

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