Are you feeling left behind

2018 is calling.png

I've been easing into 2018, slowly dipping my toes in so to speak to test out the water.

As 2017 came to an end I had decided that it was a great time in my life to start fresh, a clean slate. So I did a lot of letting go, both emotionally and physically. I went through my then house room by room energetically tossing stuff into either the donate or trash pile and was left with a refreshingly small pile that was mine to keep.

I did this again with a little less enthusiasm but with the same amount of determination with the relationships in my life. Of course this isn't as simple as tossing it into a pile, there are connections to sever and painful goodbyes. You are no longer the type of person I wish to surround myself with. Again when all was said and done I was lighter, a little more self assured with the direction I was heading in 2018.

I purged absolutely everything that I no longer felt connected to. 

Next were the goals/intentions. I decided to let them all go, that's right every single one. They were for the girl I use to be, I no longer recognized her, she was a complete stranger, a faint reflection of the woman I was becoming.

So this is why I'm doing things differently this year. Taking it slow, giving myself permission to take it one step at a time. To map out my hearts desires and make tentative plans. But most importantly being ok with the fact that I might just change my mind, or things may not work out the way I want them to.

It's ok to be undecided.

I'm here to give you that exact permission slip. To take it slow, no rushing. Refuse to race into 2018 with half hearted goals just because your worried about being left behind. So what if your sister, best friend, co-worker has their shit figured out all ready.


You are not them, this is not their path.

Show up everyday, be actively present in your life, do the work and your soul will guide you to where you need to be.