Start where you are

I would like to tell you a story about a time in my life, not so long ago when I felt incredible lost.

start where you are.png

Why is this story relevant? It will show you that even the most lost among us are capable of discovering their unique power.

I once had five completely different jobs in one year.

I had zero strategy in picking them, usually it went something like this. My friend works for this company and they are hiring so why not. Oh that one looks fun lets do that for a bit. I would get a sweet discount if I worked there, let's go for it.

At the moment I could not see it, but looking back I can now say it was how I dealt with being so out of touch with myself.

I floated from place to place, job to job for a long time, without actually taking the time to figure out exactly what would nourish my soul.

It certainly comes as no surprise that the word that started to follow me was flighty, and this was definitely not what I wanted my legacy to be about.

It is never to late to take the opportunity to make bold changes in your life, which will lead you in the direction of your dreams.

My transformation was by no means overnight but more so a slow and steady self exploration. Small conscious decisions that aligned with my soul.

Now naturally self-doubt will unfortunately join you on this journey. Take it as a good sign that you are in fact heading in the right direction.

The way to your soul is paved with fear, self-doubt and even maybe a little darkness. But if we are willing to sit still in the uncomfortable darkness, take the time to process these feeling, release them and let them heal. I believe that eventually they become little more than markers on our path to our unique power.

Every time you take a wrong turn your wild feminine energy will let you know, and slowly but surely you will gain clarity and confidence in the fact that your internal wild self knows what she's doing.

You just have to trust her.

These days I feel deeply rooted with my wild self. I know longer doubt the signs and small nudges I receive when I start to make a wrong turn. I am confident in my choices and the way I choose to live my life.

I know you crave the same thing, and lovely you are so worthy of it. It is time to step off the sidelines and start taking bold action to achieve your desires.

What are some small steps you can start taking?

What are the soul sucking things in your life it is time to let go?

I would love to hear what you discover, leave a comment and let me know what you have uncovered about yourself, or head on over to my Facebook pagewhere this conversation is being continued.