The work is hard but necessary

Cleansing and clearing must come first

do the work.png

It is very tempting to skip over important steps on the way to self knowing and deep connection.

It is often much easier to try and push down and ignore the past instead of acknowledging that there is work to be done.

Work to clear the fear, anger and negativity that is deep inside.

Now if you are sitting there rolling your eyes at me as you are reading this, I understand, but just know this, I have been in this moment before where you are now. I choose to repress the pain. To deny instead of deal. It totally bit me in the ass. That same shit that I had thought was long gone ended up exploding all over the calm and collected life I had tried so hard to cultivate.

I now had to work four times as hard to clear and release these negative feelings that had I dealt with six months before wouldn't even exist anymore. They would be comfortably set in the past where they belong.

In order to get to the really juicy good stuff, we first need to clear the clutter and release everything that is no longer needed.

We need to sift through the clutter and chaos that is taking up way to much space. Space that could be used to clarify and cultivate the life that lights a fire within your soul.

Let's start here:

                         What have you been holding onto way to tightly?

Take a minute here, grab a piece of paper and write the first things that come to mind. Don't over think, just write.

How does that make you feel to see these things listed in front of you?

Time to take a closer look:

                                           Are you ready to let go?

                                           Can you release and move on?


It's ok if fear starts creeping up. It's a natural response. Fear is allowed to have a backseat in this journey but do not let it choose the direction you take.

Acknowledge the fear, thank it for showing up and then let it go.

Now let's create some ways that you can practice cleansing and clearing. Below are a few of my favourites.

Meditation - Particularly chakra clearing.

Yoga - So great to connect with yourself

Writing a letter to what ever it is you are trying to release and then letting it burn

Sage smudging. Especially great if you feel like you really need an energy clearing

So to wrap things up. In order to move towards the ideal life you are trying to create. You must first work on all the darkness inside that is holding you back. It does you no good to try and skip over this key step, it will always find a way to pop up when you least expect it.

I am dying to find out your favorite ways to cleanse and clear. Feel free to leave a comment below.