Creating a success mindset

Mastering your mindset practice is essential to creating your ideal life, so why aren't more people making it a priority.

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I was talking to a friend the other day about changes that I have made to my daily routine to ensure that 2018 is by far the best year for me. She was curious because as we talked, she noticed how calm and vibrant I seemed while discussing what I had been up to and all the new stuff happening in my business and personal life. She definitely wanted in on the secret.

That's when the subject of a mindset practice came up.

Incorporating a mindset practice into your daily routine will change your life. Trust me.

If you are always overwhelmed, tired and unsure about exactly how to change daily habits, make shifts that will change your perspective and eliminate negativity from your life then I find the majority of people will decide to do nothing instead.

I totally get it, sometimes it is easier to just continue on the same path, familiarity can be comfortable, safe.

Nothing incredible ever happens when you decide to stay stuck.

It is essential for you to take action every single day to help you achieve something mentally that helps propel you towards your goals/intentions.

It takes serious courage to sit in stillness for any given amount of time when you are doubting your abilities to succeed. But if you do this, you create room for unique possibilities and ideas to appear.

When we are constantly going and doing all day long, how in the world can we possibly expect to be in tune with our intuition, inner wild spirit.

What exactly is a mindset practice and how do you start?

Mindset is essentially beliefs. Beliefs about yourself and your qualities. People with a fixed or stuck mindset tend to think that things are the way they are and nothing will change that. People with a growth mindset can see the opportunities for growth and expansion.

My daily mindset practice is pretty simple. I start with 5 to 15 mins of just focusing on my breathing. This works so well because it helps to completely empty my mind. I am able to let everything go, be completely at ease and calm in my own body and sit in silence. 

The next step is then creating a vision of the success I wish to create for myself, it can be money, relationships, career, self-love ect. You get the point. Whatever you really desire for yourself, you need to start envisioning this and the time frame you wish to accomplish this in. You also need to feel what it's going to feel like when you achieve this.

By doing this you will notice that you create a positive mood and stay in that space for the rest of your day. Doing this every day, you will slowly start to achieve your dreams.

Even if you just start with five minutes each and every morning. Your practice with slowly improve and shifts will start to take place.

Do you currently have a mindset practice? I would love to hear what works for you.

If you decide to create your own daily mindset practice please leave a comment below or over on my Facebook page and let me know the result.