It's all about vision clarity

Do you have a crystal clear vision?

vision clarity.png

Did you know you are 50% more likely to accomplish goals if you write them down.

 Wow right

The simple act of putting pen to paper and posting them right were you can see them everyday will remind you what's truly important and what you are working so hard to accomplish.

Now I know you have the best of intentions to finally set some time aside, prioritize your goals, make a plan and start working towards what matters most to you.

But life gets busy, time passes by and those dreams tend to get pushed aside

Here's the thing. You have a lot swirling around in that beautiful brain of yours. It's impossible to keep things straight sometimes.

Creating space to work on our goals and dreams can often feel like one more thing to add to the never ending to do list. It can feel overwhelming to start. This is when procrastination sets in.

I'm pretty sure you can relate. It's all to easy to turn on your latest addiction on Netflix, drown out the noise and let the stress of the day melt away.

If we don't prioritize out dreams now, nothing will ever change

And you want change, I know you do.

So let's break things down, way down. Little micro movements that completely eliminate any overwhelm.

Let's start by finally writing all those amazing dreams down on paper.

Next take a look at everything you just wrote down, what's priority number 1? Move that to the top of the list.

Now it's time to brainstorm some little micro movements that you can start taking every day to move you closer to that particular dream.

What is a micro movement?

Micromovements are tiny steps that add up to a big difference. They allow you to get things down without pressure or stress.

Also two of my favorite exercises to get you started are:

- Write a list of 30 things that light you up. This can be absolutely anything. Nothing is off limits.

- Write a list of things that you would love to stop doing.

If you aren't exactly sure which dreams you want to work on and need some guidance and clarity, I have created just the thing for you.

Introducing my new Vision Clarity Sessions. A 90 min session where we do some seriously deep soul searching which will allow you to discover what's most important to you, gain clarity on your biggest goals and map out exactly how you can make them happen.

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What is your number 1 dream you are choosing to work towards? Feel free to leave a comment below or head on over to my Instagram where the real party is.