What would you do if I told you, your amazing dream life was right there in front of you

Would you go for it 

I know you are here because you feel the call deep in your bones

The one telling you it’s time to become fully rooted in the knowledge of who you are

To trust yourself, your intuition, your soul and start living a life on your own terms, guilt free

You crave a deeper connection with yourself, life and those around you

Just imagine living everyday:

Connected to your power, intuition and soul

Creating a vision for your future that aligns with your unique personality and soul values

Deeply rooted in the knowing that you are becoming who you were always meant to be

With the confidence to say no to the things that really drag you down

The ability to recognize when your fear and doubt are getting the better of you and how to stop it

Creating more joy, more connection and more freedom in your every day life

Filling your day with things that light you up and eliminating things that make you cringe

Knowing you are totally worthy of all your dreams and goals

Feeling good, I mean really good

Are you ready to say yes to your soul’s call?

That’s where I come in:


Guiding you through this transformation is what I live for.

Through breathwork, mindset shifts, release techniques and deep soul work, I coach ambitious, free-spirited women to reignite their spark, reclaim their power and create a soulful life unique to them.

This is how your vision becomes reality

Curious how this all works and the process I use?

Book a complementary 30 min clarity call to put your mind at ease


I have a few ways to get you where you want to be

This is soul work, slow work. Transformation from the inside out

1 on 1 personalized coaching



If you have one particular goal you would love to work on

Let’s get completely clear and create a strategic action plan

Gain confidence and clarity to help you move towards your goals

1x90 min coaching session

2 weeks email support

$150 CAD



Clarity and connection Three bi-weekly sessions

Gain clarity on your desires and vision

Create a deep connection with your soul

Customized in-depth action plan to keep you on track

Confidence, clarity, connection

1x90 min deep dive session

2x60 min sessions

Unlimited email support

$400 CAD



Ground, connect, transform Six months coaching package

Become grounded in who you are becoming

Create a deep connection with your soul and values

Dive into what makes you unique and use it to create your life vision and goals

Accountability to keep you moving/expanding

1x90 min deep dive session

11x60 min sessions

Unlimited email support

$1500 CAD *payment plan available



In a society where we are constantly told how we should feel and what we should want,  Kayleigh created a sacred space for me where I was able to cut out all the noise and  finally reconnect with who I wanted to become.  It was the first time I was able to figure out exactly how I wanted to feel every day and  how to make that a reality.
It was a truly empowering and transformational experience.

- Deanna B


Working with Kayleigh made me realize just how essential it was to make my own happiness a priority.

For the first time in a long time I felt acknowledged and supported. During our sessions I was able to fully realize what I valued the most and slowly gain the confidence to go after my dreams. It was one of the best investment I’ve ever made.

- Amanda H

Working with Kayleigh was supportive and energizing. Kayleigh created a safe and judgement free space every time we meet so I felt comfortable to be open and share in order to get clear on how I want to feel.

She guided me in creating goals that really felt empowering and focused. Kayleigh helped challenge me when I felt stuck and led me to understand that the deepest form of clarity wasn’t outside of me but within me-my intuition.

She is a true natural in being able to guide women back to that space within them so that they can start to trust their own compass and live a life that is wild and free.

Katie K


I promise you are worth it

Let’s take you from where you are to where you should be